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Western Canada's most notable artist has to be Emily Carr, whose magnificent paintings reflect the aboriginal spirit and natural beauty of Canada’s West Coast in the early 1900's.  Emily had an innate love for trees and made it her mission to capture their endless expressive possibilities.  During the last decade of her life Carr developed a style that was completely her own.  With exuberant paint application she created dark, rhythmic forests and vast, spiritual skies causing the Canadian Group of Seven to name her “The Mother of Modern Arts.”  The natives of the West Coast simply referred to her as “Klee Wyck,” the laughing one. 


Emily Carr saw the forest as a religious refuge and loggers as executioners.  This bronze depiction shows her seated upon the stump of a Douglas Fir, sketching a monumental, totemic structure indicative of the early natives of British Columbia's Coast.  One of her many dog-friends snuggles close at her knees while her pet monkey “Woo“ watches her capture the spiritual essence of the panorama before them on paper.

Size:  13.5” high X 10.5” wide X 8.25” deep.

Weight:  12.2 lbs.

Medium:  Ferro-epoxy hand painted with acrylics.  Top coated with flat urethane.

Base:  Western Red Oak.

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