Although the Celtic civilization has long ceased to exist, its remnants live on, none being more apparent than the Celtic knot.  Usually these knots have no beginning or ending and can be said to represent eternity.  Artist Steve Milroy has designed this sculpture to retain the classic feel of a Celtic design but with open ended roots.  The open ends signify the fact that the beautiful fir trees we take for granted will not continue forever unless our current civilization takes measures to care for them.

Full Size:  15.5” high X 11.5” diameter.

Weight:  12 lbs.

Medium:  Bronze with patina.


Limited edition of 25 bronzes maximum.

Smaller Size:  8.5” high X 5” diameter.

Weight:  3 lbs.

Medium:  Bronze with patina.


Open edition.

Contact artist to purchase this piece.


Phone: 1-250-884-1599